Programs Chair, Katie Stoneham             Arts in Education Chair, Kate Ryan

Our Brinker PTA strives to bring the best, most enriching activities and programs to our students. 
If you would like to get involved with any of these PTA Programs, click HERE to fill out our volunteer interest form to get involved in any of these programs.

Performing Arts - The PTA provides arts program enhancements though various events through out the school year. We have brought music and drama performances to our school, Artist workshops and demonstrations, as well as provided for a variety of field trips to local venues so that our Brinker Bears can experience all that our art community has to offer! 


Reading Enrichment- The Brinker PTA encourages our students development of the love of reading. We do this through support of the 2x2 and Bluebonnet reading programs as well as finding great children's Authors to visit our school. We also support our kindergarten Reading buddies program, that helps our littlest bears develop their reading abilities. 


After School Programs - Our after school offerings chance through out the year based on available programs and student interest. Some of the programming we offer have included, chess enrichment, STEAM programs, art enrichment, among others. Current after school offerings will be advertised on our website. 


Reflections - Reflections is a national arts program sponsored by the National PTA.  Students have the opportunity to submit entries in six categories: dance choreography, film/video production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. CLICK HERE for more information. 


Tuesday Tunes - Each Tuesday morning, a Brinker student plays a musical instrument in the lobby as the students enter the school.  Any Brinker student who has been playing an instrument for at least two years is invited to perform.  


Community Outreach - Brinker PTA selects special projects that help teach our students how they can impact the community. By partaking in activities that benefit the public or its institutions, our PTA is actively engaging our students in serving as leaders of our community. 


Diversity Events -  Brinker celebrates the diversity represented within our school and local community. Two of our most popular events are our Cultural Diversity Day and Inclusion Awareness (SAGE) Day. Cultural Diversity events educates and celebrates the many cultures around the world, many of which our represented in our Brinker community. Our SAGE event, provides inclusion awareness by letting our students experience everyday life activities through the eyes of students with special needs and different abilities


Healthy Lifestyles - Brinker PTA encourages healthy lifestyles by introducing education opportunities and programs that focus on health and wellness. These activities include fun runs, school assemblies, PE program enhancements, drug awareness events and parent learning opportunities. 


Bear Hugs - Our Bear Hugs program offers our PTA the opportunity to celebrate life events as well as offer support due to illness or loss for our Brinker staff.


Brinker Bash - Our Brinker Bash is our end of the school year celebration which is held during the last week of the school year to help students and staff celebrate the end of the school year and to kick off summer vacation. 


Family Picnic - The Brinker Fall Family Picnic is an annual tradition where the PTA invites all of our Brinker staff and families to come out and enjoy an evening of family fun.  This event occurs in September or October and includes snow cones, popcorn, bounce houses, face painting, and music provided by a professional DJ.  


Staff Appreciation Our Brinker Staff is the best, and we love to show them that we recognize their amazing efforts! Throughout the year we will show them our appreciation with special events ranging from monthly treats to a week-long appreciation celebration in May. We rely heavily on volunteers and donations of food and supplies in order to make these events amazing for our Staff.